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How to survive at the workforce in the future? 未來如何在職場中生存?

"The Future of Jobs" predicts that 10 out of 15 top required skills in the workplace will be soft skills rather than hard skills. Besides long-term championship, analytical thinking, other soft skills include learning strategies, complex problem-solving abilities, stress management, people management, and emotional intelligence. By 2025, while computers and AI will take over many technical skills, humans must sharpen their soft skills, according to a report released by the World Economic Forum.

While academic subjects remain at the core, schoolers need to add new branches of talents suggested above to compete in the real world.

根據世界經濟論壇發布《工作的未來》預測到2025 年職場最需要的 15 項技能中有 10 項將是軟技能而不是硬技能。除了長期冠軍--分析思維外,其他軟技能還包括學習策略、複雜問題解決能力、壓力管理、人員管理和情商管理。到了2025 年,電腦和人工智能將接管許多技術技能,而人類必須提高他們的軟技能才能在現實世界中有一份穩定的工作。


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