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This program is based on the lesson plans from American Psychological Association and the curriculum of Ontario Ministry of Education.

After graduated from Harvard and working for children educational programs for years, I design this program with the goal of offering children a glimpse into the realm of adulthood. What started out as weekly online section has evolved into a dynamic hybrid programs that pack with information about transferrable skills and a path to real workplace experience. Take some time to explore this site and see for yourself what makes you curious and eager.

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Hybrid Program

This program is designed specifically for soft skill training at a glance. It covers the elements of management from various angles—managing oneself, managing organizational life, and managing others dynamically. Afterward, it teaches the fundamentals of presentations, from self-image to the art of communication. Lastly, the course finishes with a touch on building a team.
With a mixture of readings, written assignments, in-class exercises, and case studies, this course focuses on understanding the components of entering the working society. The class focuses on understanding the most wanted skill set in the workforce to advance career goals and organizational objectives. Participants should expect to grapple with ambiguous situations that do not have simple solutions.
Core elements: presentation, management, communication, and teamwork.

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Part 1

Participants are expected to watch the assigned videos beforehand. The videos are intended to provide definitions and explanations for the associated topic. Reading materials will be provided along with the posted videos.


Part 2

Group projects and case studies will be given during this session. Mentor will lead the participants throughout the session to ensure they understand the concept and can utilize it.


Part 3

Participants will be divided into groups and will work on different projects together. In this phrase, participants will execute the concept of management, communication, and teamwork and put them into action.


Part 4

We will provide internship opportunities to those who complete the program 100%. This option will offer them a first-hand experience of the expectation once they start working.

Participants who complete the program, more than 85%, will receive a certificate.


908 Nathan Road, Mong Kok

+852 9438 1101

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